Hello and Welcome to Laurenriley.co.uk!

Lauren Riley is a London-based entrepreneur, qualified solicitor, and the proud founder of The Link App. Ever since she began studying law, Lauren has been keen to dispel the image of a stuffy solicitor. In fact, she remains determined to give the law a ‘facelift’ and is a firm believer that today’s leading businesswomen can be both professional and glamorous.

Lauren’s appearance on The BBC’s The Apprentice in 2014 was an opportunity not only to get backing for her business idea, The Link App, but also the perfect way to show that women can earn their place in the boardroom without losing their femininity. Lauren continues to make appearances in the media. Lauren represents the belief that women can have it all-a successful career without compromising the things they hold dear. Lauren is also prominent blogger the Huffington Post and her own blog published right here. Lauren shares her life, tips for success, experience in business and the things she loves outside of work on her blog and her YouTube channel.

So many people were inspired by her story and quest for the complete package that Lauren has committed to sharing her journey to-date by appearing at public speaking events around the UK. Outside of her career, Lauren is equally committed; her passions are travel, fitness, nutrition, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, socialising, and her precious relationships with family and friends. “I have a proactive attitude and would best describe myself as a social butterfly and a whirlwind.”

Lauren is also committed to raising money for good causes and the odd personal challenges so will be running the London Marathon 2016 for family law charity Women’s Aid- please donate here:  https://womensaidvlm2016.everydayhero.com/uk/laurenriley


Favourite quote:
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
– Mahatma Gandhi