Why Law Firms Need to Move with the Times

As I proudly begin my journey as a public speaker–having been asked to take part in presentations for various bodies from schools to the Law Society–my thoughts turn to what my message should be. I’m certainly not short of topics and my overall message is about equality and how women can have it all, without making a compromise between glamour and professionalism. However, my upcoming talk for LegalEx is aimed at the legal industry. It will have to be more tailored and deliver a message that a firm can take forward to improve their offering.

So I will start with the thing I know best: my business, The Link App. More specifically, why I created it: the frustration caused by ineffective communication between lawyers and their clients and how technology can solve this problem. Continue reading

Seven Tips to Reduce the Stress of Divorce

As a divorce lawyer I am often asked what my general advice is for people contemplating or going through divorce. I thought it might be helpful for me to provide a brief summary via my blog in the hope it will prove helpful for people in this situation.

Seek early advice

Far too many times I deal with divorce cases involving assets or children disputes and the parties have attempted to settle matters themselves. They have set in motion a status quo or some transaction which is either impossible or difficult to undo and therefore their position is ultimately worse than it needed to be. This is not to discourage people working together to reach an agreement, that could ultimately save both time and money but do so in conjunction with a legal expert. Continue reading

‘The Apprentice’ Auditions Are Underway – My View


With the auditions for series 11 of the BBC’s The Apprentice upon us, I have been approached by loads of auditionees asking for the inside scoop on the track to success. Rather than answer all their requests via social media, I will be more efficient by blogging about it instead. People will have noticed that I do not like to talk about the show much; this is mostly because I do not want to burst the bubble for the millions of people who glean enjoyment from watching it and, secondly, because I am wary of being defined by one small section of my life. Continue reading