Is Social Media Use Linked to Marital Unhappiness?


As most of you will know I am a family law solicitor and passionate about my profession and helping my clients. I am very active on social media and I am usually a fan, particularly when it comes to sharing my journey in business. However, reading these recently published statistics its clear there is a potentially negative side too.

According to an Ofcom study from April 2014, 66% of adults state that they currently have at least one active social media profile, with services such as Facebook, Twitter and others proving useful for staying in touch with friends and family, playing games and more. However, studies have also been conducted that suggest there is a darker side to these social media services, with a number of sources linking sites such as Facebook with marital unhappiness and divorce.

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Health and Beauty Tips for Summer Feet

Sometimes you just have to love being a blogger, this day was one of them. I was invited, along with a select group of other female health and beauty bloggers, to learn all about a much neglected part of us … our feet.

Now I know as business woman tottering around in heels and as an avid fitness fanatic that my poor feet go through the mill more than most but I never stopped to give them the TLC they deserved. I feel after what I learnt on this day I will do. Continue reading

How to Help Your Children to Cope With Your Divorce

As most people know I am a family solicitor and I am passionate about my profession and helping my clients. The Labrums Solicitors team and I have put together the following advice. We hope anyone in this situation finds our advice helpful.

Divorce is never going to be easy for any of the parties involved – especially if children are part of the equation. Divorce is linked with a huge number of negative effects on children; not only the stress and anxiety of going through a period of severe change, but also a decline in exam results and even negative effects on health.

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