The Answer to the Modern Woman’s Style Prayers



Amazing new Michael Kors Backpack from Jules B


Now one thing that makes my blogging so much more worthwhile is I know so many of my readers are just like me. We are modern women darting around from place to place, we have too many jobs on our to-do-lists and we prioritise other things over ourselves, my business, your children, our friends. Whatever your story there are always remarkable similarities. Continue reading

Get Fit in a Week: My Boot Camp Story

NYBC Logo Green [192646]Depending on your level of fitness this blog could literally change your life! I have recently shared my fitness journey so far. You will recall a number of life events took me away from my usually fit and toned self and I wasn’t happy. Rather than struggling myself I sought help. I spent one of the most intense but fascinating weeks at New You Boot Camp in Hereford. This is a story of many highs and lows but keep reading as the results are amazing.
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Happy birthday to The Link App!

Today The Link App is one year old and I wanted to mark this occasion with a quick blog post to you all. We are so proud of what we have achieved in twelve short months and we cannot wait to see what the next twelve hold.

When I founded the company a year ago I did do so with passion and determination but even I will admit that I could never have predicted the overwhelming response that we received. This year for me has been the best of my career to date, starting a business is never easy, it’s been tough at times. However it’s been so worth every moment and the highs outweigh the lows multiples times. Continue reading

Mobile phone must-haves


Seen as I have developed an app from scratch, you might be forgiven for thinking when it comes to mobile technology and the latest gadgets I have it all covered but you would usually be wrong. I am usually so buried in the mechanics of my business that I don’t look up for air and suddenly I am out of date AGAIN.

So this week my phone was treated to a little TLC and I sought out a number of items that I think are essential for the self-respecting phone owner from Mobile Fun.

Charging lamp


The corner of my home office if anyone ever wondered what that looks like ha

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Avoiding the Botox temptation

I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like everywhere I turn at the moment pictures of ‘perfect people’ adorn sides of buses, my Instagram and magazines. Whatever the medium of delivery the thing being sold is perfection. I am certainly not immune to the pressure to look good. I take pride in my appearance and have long recognised the importance of looking after my skin. I think I am doing a pretty god job for my age. My mum claims credit whenever I mention this for the fact she only ever washed my face with water and cotton wool as a child.  I turned 30 earlier this year and I have never had Botox or anything done to my face except semi regular facials and the odd session of microdermabrasion. Now don’t worry this isn’t about to get all preachy, I am all for a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body. Continue reading