The Healthy Answer To Lunch In A Rush

I know for me and millions of other people our ‘lunch hour’ is never an hour. Its one of the major reasons people complain to me about weight gain. “I was too busy to eat healthy”, “I don’t have time to prepare my meals”, “I ate junk food as it was the quickest choice”. These are absolutely arguments I sympathise with and ones I admit to using myself from time to time. Continue reading

My London Bank Holiday Weekend



So for months it felt like the August bank holiday was on the horizon and I had plans to go away but as so often happens I had to work right up to and during the weekend. So dreams of going away were just that.

Now what!? I have carved some time off but have zero plans except who to spend it with. Thankfully the team at YPlan came to my rescue. As most people know my business is an app so when it comes to anything app related I’m a bit fanatical. Now mixing fun and tech is a dream. Their official site is but of course you can download the app too. So I had Saturday night Sunday night and Monday day off….ohhhh the possibilities. Continue reading