Female Founders Showcase

Unless you’ve been avoiding all social media, you would have found it difficult to escape the fact that I spent an awesome March 2018 in Silicon Valley.I talked about it a LOT. Women in business is something I am often championing. So when I was presented with the opportunity to work alongside 10 female tech founders in the heart of America’s tech community, I jumped at it. The accelerator experience was brilliant. I recently published a video all about it (and sharing top tips) on my YouTube channel; https://youtu.be/20ey5lZbi5g

As part of this experience, I pledged to help accelerate the journey of these women. They truly made my time there a great experience. They are talented entrepreneurs and deserve success in all they do. Here are their businesses. This is a chance for us to get behind them and help in anyway we can, including sharing this post to those you think can help too!  Continue reading

Introducing My Brand New Vlog…

I am very excited to share with you my brand new YouTube channel http://youtube.com/c/misslaurenriley Vlogging is something that feels like a natural progression from blogging and something I have meant to do for a while now. I absolutely love blogging so I feel that this is going to be fun too.

MLR1 (1)

In my first video I share a bit about me and what I intend to talk about in my channel. It would mean a lot to be if my blog followers would also become by vlog followers and subscribe here.

Here is my first video…enjoy!!

Celeb Secret to a Flat Stomach

Everyone knows I am mad keen on promoting health and fitness. So to let you in to a secret on how to cheat might not be what you expect to read from me but the truth is I am no different to most people. The idea of curling up on the sofa eating chocolate appeals massively and I occasionally indulge. Life is about balance and a treat is acceptable in moderation too. Continue reading

The Healthy Answer To Lunch In A Rush

I know for me and millions of other people our ‘lunch hour’ is never an hour. Its one of the major reasons people complain to me about weight gain. “I was too busy to eat healthy”, “I don’t have time to prepare my meals”, “I ate junk food as it was the quickest choice”. These are absolutely arguments I sympathise with and ones I admit to using myself from time to time. Continue reading

My London Bank Holiday Weekend



So for months it felt like the August bank holiday was on the horizon and I had plans to go away but as so often happens I had to work right up to and during the weekend. So dreams of going away were just that.

Now what!? I have carved some time off but have zero plans except who to spend it with. Thankfully the team at YPlan came to my rescue. As most people know my business is an app so when it comes to anything app related I’m a bit fanatical. Now mixing fun and tech is a dream. Their official site is https://yplanapp.com/ but of course you can download the app too. So I had Saturday night Sunday night and Monday day off….ohhhh the possibilities. Continue reading

The Answer to the Modern Woman’s Style Prayers



Amazing new Michael Kors Backpack from Jules B


Now one thing that makes my blogging so much more worthwhile is I know so many of my readers are just like me. We are modern women darting around from place to place, we have too many jobs on our to-do-lists and we prioritise other things over ourselves, my business, your children, our friends. Whatever your story there are always remarkable similarities. Continue reading

Get Fit in a Week: My Boot Camp Story

NYBC Logo Green [192646]Depending on your level of fitness this blog could literally change your life! I have recently shared my fitness journey so far. You will recall a number of life events took me away from my usually fit and toned self and I wasn’t happy. Rather than struggling myself I sought help. I spent one of the most intense but fascinating weeks at New You Boot Camp in Hereford. This is a story of many highs and lows but keep reading as the results are amazing.
Continue reading