The Link App is hiring: Marketing Exec

One thing I have learnt since I started out in business is that there is NOWHERE more exciting to work than in startups. They are fast paced, long hours and a little bit of a rollercoaster but there is no substitute for the buzz of being involved in something at seed stage and contributing to its growth. My company is hiring so I thought I would share it with you guys too…


Company Profile:

The Link App is a technology startup based in London. We began our journey almost two years ago from the seed of an idea our Founder Lauren Riley had as a lawyer. We are truly innovative in the legal space and have gained national and sector specific press already. Our technology is both mobile and desktop app based and sold exclusively to law firms in the U.K. We save law firms time and money and help them to gain a competitive advantage as well as multiple other benefits.

The Role:
An exciting new position for an ambitious Digital Marketing Executive to join our small dynamic team near Old Street on a full-time basis. Ideally suited to a recent graduate, this varied role is a great opportunity to develop a wide range of skills in an exciting, entrepreneurial business. You will play an integral role within our team from day one and will be responsible for helping to build our brand.
You will get the unique and exciting buzz of working for a startup and although the predominant role is marketing there will also be variety in the day to day of the position and we will expect you to be flexible. There will be a chance to focus on a more specialist area of marketing as the company grows. Working alongside our CEO for a small company who work hard but are genuinely committed to making their environment THE best place to work.


  • On-going maintenance & development of the existing website with the aim of increasing website traffic and generating quality leads
  • Reporting monthly website analytics & analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • All aspects of social media marketing, especially highly targeted use of LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Create, design & enhance digital communications including social & e-campaigns, e.g, e-zines to members & prospects.
  • Basic graphic design duties to include amending existing templates/logos, creating new graphics/themes for innovative campaigns.
  • Video shooting at events & editing footage for website use.
  • Writing professional copy for website content & promotional marketing communications.
  • PR – identifying publicity opportunities, drafting & distributing press releases.
  • Updating & refining CRM system (salesforce) to ensure targeted marketing.

Skills Required:

  • Excellent skills in digital, design, social media, audio visual.
  • Practical understanding of marketing coupled with creative talent.
  • Excellent written & oral communication skills.
  • Professional & presentable (attendance at law firms and exhibitions may be required).
  • Entrepreneurial attitude to help drive the business forward
  • Educated to degree level, ideally with a Marketing degree

Salary Competitive.

We would love to hear from you, please apply by sending your CV and brief cover email to Lauren at: [email protected]


Bloggers Fashion Week- Pampering Must- Haves

No matter how much I preach the mantra of balance (between business and personal) or of how you can take pride in how you look and still focus on the career goals, its inevitably not a flawless plan. At the moment I am in one of those phases where I am pitifully comparing myself to photos of before I  started my own business. So when the opportunity came to write a blog revolving around pampering I knew I would manage to squeeze it in and it would be as good for me as it would be for my readers.

Next week is Bloggers Fashion Week hosted by Bloggers Hangout. Think London Fashion Week for the blogging community. I am actually not attending this one as I will be sunning myself on a beach, or more likely surfing. Either way I am taking a well deserved break from business to recharge my batteries. However, I have attended before and to prepare like a true blogger is a joy. We get to try out the latest and best products and share with you our favourites so here goes…


Starting with the basics, body wash. Urban Veda: Purifying smells pretty divine and that’s a must for me. When I come out the shower I want to be clean and smell lovely, this lived up to that expectation. There are a number of products in this range and they’ve won plenty of awards too.

Now Batiste Stylist Dry Shampoo is something I am such a big fan of. If you are as busy as me then anything to look good while saving time is an absolute must! I’ve used dry shampoo for a while but this is a twist to cater to the style you are trying to go for.
Now typically day-to-day I will be wearing a pretty casual style, usually driven my necessity to be up and ready for meetings rather than any style choice. Typically this might look like this:

A 30 second spray and ruffle of my hair with my fingertips later and here was the result. I was impressed. A beauty must-have for all!


When you are run down there are many things that might suffer. I am usually pretty meticulous about looking after my skin but when training to run a marathon, my feet are taking a battering of late. This next product provided instant relief to dry skin, it smelt slightly on the medicinal side (think tea tree) which is not a criticism and I suppose the things really designed to heal will contain these ingredients.  I’d recommend if you have dry skin and there is currently 10% off everything using code SALE10 Weleda.


Now oddly I know way more about fragrance than is healthy for a lawyer turned entrepreneur. The reasons for that are the subject of a whole other blog but for now I used my finely tuned nose for this next product. A reed diffuser by Kenneth Turner. In the modern world we get used to synthetic fragrances. Even the high-end brand names we all love are largely synthetic if you do a bit of digging. The finest fragrances source natural ingredients and that’s what this reminded me of. It was a beautiful but earthy scent and everything about this brand from the scent to vessel whispers luxury and I am always looking for ways to treat myself!


Now these are genius. Great French or patterned manicures that layer on in an instant. When I got these I promised myself that by the time I went on holiday I would have done them so A) I could show them off to you and B) for once I had amazing nails. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get to grips with them but I will be taking them on holiday so look out for a tweet @misslaurenriley showing them off. Again looking good but not spending ages getting there is a winner for me! IMG_9633

And last but not least my attempts at being a ballerina wearing this Jones + Jones black skater dress. I really love this dress there is enough of a lace and leg combo to feel dressed up but not too much, it remains a classy piece. I can be a little old fashioned when it comes to dresses so anything ‘skater’ that flares out makes me feel that bit more of a princess. This is preferable to me than a skin-tight look. I felt this could be night out with girl or date night easily,


There you have it, my tips shared from typical prep for Bloggers fashion week. With thanks to The Bloggers Hangout.

From Edinburgh to Essex- Why it was important to take my business on tour!

If any of you are following me on social media, you will have no doubt seen that I have been doing a LOT of traveling with my business recently. I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I did it and what I have learnt from this process.

Where you will usually find me...

A little over 18 month ago, I founded a technology company called The Link App. I did so because, as a lawyer I could see there was a better way of working and that technology could make the difference. As part of The Link App’s commitment to customer service I decided it was important to make it out from behind my desk and begun a series of visits to lawyers in various parts of the UK. The purpose of the visits is not only to find out what lawyers current and future needs are for simplifying client communications, but also to Continue reading

Named in the top ten for Technology in the UK by LinkedIn

12568357_1643897072542992_48947378_nAs you have probably have read before, I am a fan of celebrating the little wins in all aspects of life. It is one of the things I focus on most when I do my public speaking. Anyway January 2016 has given me quite a few things in business to celebrate but the subject of this post is my recent LinkedIn accolade.

I have been named as a LinkedIn Power profile. That means I am officially in the top ten most viewed profiles of all the people in technology in 2015. LinkedIn now has 20million users so to be in the top ten is amazing. I share the list with some key influencers in the Continue reading

Winter Fashion Fix

For those of you who caught my last vlog on my channel… will know that in 2015 I didn’t get the balance quit right. Hard work is vital for the success of a business and I will continue to work hard but this year for me is about balance. More ‘me time’ and indulging my passion; fitness, travel, well being and fashion! So welcome to my first ever fashion blog. I hope you like it. It was a lot of fun to put together for you guys.

Now I am not a fashionista but I do like to feel I look good and fashion is a big part of all of our personal brands. I put this together entirely from ‘high-street’ fashion piece and shopping online. When you are super busy, being able to give your wardrobe a boost from behind your desk is key and the feeling when all those parcels arrive is like Christmas all over again. For this blog I chose all the clothes from the same simple to use online retailer Jane Norman and the shoes were from a very special collection indeed: H & M Balmain. The bad news is I got the shoes in 2015 although this is the first time I have worn them, they sold out in minutes and I was very lucky to get them. The good news is you can shop the rest of the look at the end of the post. Continue reading

When Technology Meets Fitness

So, my business is tech, my passion is fitness: imagine my excitement when I was invited to try, IMHO (that’s text speak for ‘in my humble opinion’, for those of you not yet familiar with the lingo that youth is speaking these days), the most fun fitness equipment going. It’s an anti-gravity treadmill whose technology was developed by AlterG founder Sean Whalen.

WP_20150818_058 Continue reading

New Year New Me: a look back to 2015 and forward to 2016

What's everyone's New Years resolutions??? Happy new year all!! A big year for me and @thelinkapphq I hope everyone's 2016 is ridiculously amazing!!!!

Happy new year!!! My first blog of 2016 to give you an honest look back at last year and what went needed to change. And more importantly a motivational look forward to 2016 and what it holds for me!


I have recorded a video for you to watch on my YouTube Channel.I hope you enjoy it and that you continue to share my exciting journey into 2016…


I interview one of my fitness inspirations

During the course of my blogging I get to meet some really great people. One such lady was the wonderful Zanna Van Dijk, personal trainer, Instgram star and fitness inspiration to many. I have often mused about the link between entrepreneurs and athletes and there are fascinating studies providing insights about the similar characteristics needed for success in both fields. Zanna is also a business woman in her own right, successfully turning her passion for fitness into her business and I am keen to learn more.

Zanna and I at a recent vlogging event

Zanna and I at a recent vlogging event

It’s great to be able to interview you Zanna, to start please tell us a bit about yourself. 


Thanks for having me! I am 23, live and work in SW London and have my finger in many pies. I am a fitness, lifestyle and travel blogger, personal trainer and fitness model. I am a speaker, event host and the co-founder of the #girlgains movement. I am also a little bit of a social media addict and enjoy sharing content across various platforms from youtube video-blogs to instagram posts. I love the multi-faceted nature of my job! 


Turning your passion into your business is the dream for so many, how did you achieve this?


I get asked this a lot and I actually find it hard to answer as my journey to where I am now was not a typical path. I actually studied speech therapy at university, but alongside my degree I started my fitness related social media accounts. These were simply there to share my passion and find other people with the same interests. Before I knew it, I had unintentionally gathered a fairly significant following and started to collaborate with brands and get new opportunities – all alongside studying. When I finished university I got a first class degree and everyone expected me to become a speech therapist. I went against expectations. At this point I had around 30,000 people following me and the chances I was getting were more and more exciting. I decided to give the fitness industry a go. I made my website and rebranded myself. I got offered a free personal training course in London and moved down on a whim. I intended to be here 6 weeks… here I am 8 months later. It was a struggle at first to make ends meet but now I have learnt how to monetise my social media and am finally grasping what it takes to succeed as a blogger. You have to have an element of entrepreneurship as you need to pull together a series of incomes and find new ways to expand and develop your brand. Its risky, exciting and rewarding. I love it.


2015-11-28 (1)


I follow you on Snapchat so I get to see snippets of your day, but for those who do not, can you give us an insight into a typical day? 


A typical day does not exist! No two days are ever the same. Some days I will be working from home in my PJs, others I will be all over London in meetings with brands, sometimes I will spend an afternoon shooting and often I am awake super early to take early morning PT clients. If you want to see a day in my life then add me on snapchat where I show little snippets: zanzapan 🙂


You are doing amazingly well on the social media side. One of the things I love about your page in the odd refreshingly honest post that documents your tricks and what real life looks like the other side of a lenses, that’s refreshing. Do you feel a responsibility, particularly those followers younger than you? 


Well firstly, thank you. I am glad you appreciate those posts! I definitely do feel responsibility to my followers. I am very aware that many of them are younger than me and often say that they look up to me (and not just because I am tall!). I try to make sure that I show my imperfections, the lows as well as the highs. No one is polished all the time and eats salad 24/7. We all have down days and it unrealistic and unattainable to only show the good bits. People often compare themselves to those they follow on social media, so it is our responsibility as influencers to make sure they are comparing themselves to real, honest and open human beings.


The online world you occupy can unfortunately be notorious for negativity and trolls, have you ever experienced this? If so, do you have any tips for dealing with it for any readers who might experience the same? 


I have to say, I am very lucky and have received very little negativity online; which is a miracle as the internet seems to be full of trolling. If I do ever receive a negative comment, I am confident enough in myself to just let it roll off my back. I just delete the comment and move on. There is no point dwelling on the opinions of people who don’t know you.




As you know from our previous exchanges, I love fitness but recently have struggled to strike the work life balance, do you have any fitness tips for busy people or entrepreneurs? 


I think everyone has their moments where the work life balance falls to pieces, and that is ok. Sometimes business has to come first. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I don’t train for days because I am too busy. However, here are a couple of strategies which you can put into place to help fit fitness into a busy schedule. The first is to plan it into your diary for the week ahead, writing it in like an appointment that you can’t miss, so you organise your other work around it. The second is to be efficient with your workouts, you don’t need to be in the gym for over an hour. Most of my workouts are between 35-45 minutes long. I just use techniques like supersets (doing exercises back to back) or HIIT (high intensity interval training) to cut down on time. If all else fails, do 8 minutes of tabata training. It is hard to make an excuse to avoid an 8 minute workout!


It is great to see you doing so well but what is next for you?


Thank you! Lots of exciting things are in the pipeline. I have my clothing collection coming out in a couple of months, a few press trips before the end of the year and some exciting magazine articles being published. In terms of the long term, I hope to continue to grow my own brand as well as #girlgains and eventually have world domination…. it’s ok to be ambitious right?!

 2015-11-28 (2)

It is more than OK to be ambitious Zanna! Thank you for the interview. I hoped everyone enjoyed the read and picked up a few tips too!  

Social media: @zannavandijk on Facebook, instagram twitter and Facebook, @zanzapan on snapchat,