Pampering at Home or Spa?


So as I have stated in the past being in business is a stressful business. My time off is less than most and the responsibility weighs heavy so when I get some down time I really savour it and it is one of the reasons I am becoming known as health and wellbeing blogger, as I’m so passionate about it.

For me spa treatments are the holy grail of relaxation but as for so many time and money is precious… could the same be achieved from the comfort of your own home?


So for this experiment I needed to use the same product line and treatment just receive one at a professional spa and administer one at home. I used a great organic product range called Voya for this.






I went along to the luxurious Landmark London for use of their facilities after work and for the spa treatment. The surroundings were very plush and I immediately felt the mental association of treating myself.

WP_20150811_016The treatment including a full body exfoliation using ground seaweed and a full body wrap. When they said seaweed wrap I presumed they really meant cloth with seaweed extract but oh no. They meant actually fresh from the sea seaweed. Its a bizarre experience to say the least and the seaweed is slimy but its not unpleasant. The seaweed is heated and wrapped around one body part at a time. While it’s left on to absorb you get a head massage too. WP_20150811_032

feeling chilled



pros: The luxurious and different surroundings meant I felt pampered. Not being involved in the physical meant my mind could wonder off to a relaxed state. My skin felt amazing.

cons: The travel by tube took 45 mins each way.







So now to try and replicate my new found zen in the comfort of my own home. A week later I tried to follow the procedure as best I could. After work I ran a bath read the instructions and off I went. The product is called Voya Lazy Days Detoxifying Seaweed Bath. I immediately wasn’t feeling the pampering of the previous experience. Being in such familiar surroundings made me remember chores I had to do and I didn’t get the mental peace I think is so important when I think of pampering. The treatment was very easy to use however.


I ran a bath (as I do most night, baths are my thing) and instead of bubbles you place the parcel of seaweed and salt in at the beginning to let the hot water activate the seaweeds natural properties. Then get in and relax, the idea is the seaweeds gel like properties will be infused with the water, it was certainty green so it must have been working. I got the best results by rubbing the seaweed directly on my skin, you could feel it left what can only be described as slime behind. Don’t be put off by the slime reference its nice honest!

Post bath I massaged the Voya Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil into my skin. Now this bit was heavenly, the smell of the product is divine and you can tell the quality of the ingredients that have gone it to make it up.


Pros: Ease of use. Cost. Travel time was zero. Skin felt amazing.WP_20150824_001 1

Cons: Didn’t get the zen feeling as much doing it myself.





So what is the conclusion? The answer is it depends what you are after in your pampering. The end results were exactly the same, my skin felt amazing but for me I preferred he experience of the spa and being pampered by someone else, somewhere else. The spa option comes with travel time and additional costs but for me was the winner. However if you are result orientated and after the smooth skin or maybe a bath is out of the ordinary for you, the home version was still pleasant and you’d save both time and money. I hope everybody reading gets at least a little time this week to pamper, happy relaxing!


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