Female Founders Showcase

Unless you’ve been avoiding all social media, you would have found it difficult to escape the fact that I spent an awesome March 2018 in Silicon Valley.I talked about it a LOT. Women in business is something I am often championing. So when I was presented with the opportunity to work alongside 10 female tech founders in the heart of America’s tech community, I jumped at it. The accelerator experience was brilliant. I recently published a video all about it (and sharing top tips) on my YouTube channel; https://youtu.be/20ey5lZbi5g

As part of this experience, I pledged to help accelerate the journey of these women. They truly made my time there a great experience. They are talented entrepreneurs and deserve success in all they do. Here are their businesses. This is a chance for us to get behind them and help in anyway we can, including sharing this post to those you think can help too!  Continue reading

The World of Business Isn’t Equal – International Women’s Day 2018


While the opinions below are my own, I was compensated by Johnson & Johnson for this post

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I can often be found pushing the agenda of diversity in business. Particularly (but not limited to) gender diversity. From my talks to social media shares to the initiatives I support. I firmly believe the world of business really needs equality advocates.

With International Women’s Day 2018 upon us, I was delighted to cover the subject on my blog. When I set out on my entrepreneurial journey a few years ago, I did so emboldened by my naïve experiences to date. I do not believe my race or gender had been a limiting factor in my career as a lawyer to that point. Continue reading