From Edinburgh to Essex- Why it was important to take my business on tour!

If any of you are following me on social media, you will have no doubt seen that I have been doing a LOT of traveling with my business recently. I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I did it and what I have learnt from this process.

Where you will usually find me...

A little over 18 month ago, I founded a technology company called The Link App. I did so because, as a lawyer I could see there was a better way of working and that technology could make the difference. As part of The Link App’s commitment to customer service I decided it was important to make it out from behind my desk and begun a series of visits to lawyers in various parts of the UK. The purpose of the visits is not only to find out what lawyers current and future needs are for simplifying client communications, but also to Continue reading

Named in the top ten for Technology in the UK by LinkedIn

12568357_1643897072542992_48947378_nAs you have probably have read before, I am a fan of celebrating the little wins in all aspects of life. It is one of the things I focus on most when I do my public speaking. Anyway January 2016 has given me quite a few things in business to celebrate but the subject of this post is my recent LinkedIn accolade.

I have been named as a LinkedIn Power profile. That means I am officially in the top ten most viewed profiles of all the people in technology in 2015. LinkedIn now has 20million users so to be in the top ten is amazing. I share the list with some key influencers in the Continue reading

Health and Beauty Tips for Summer Feet

Sometimes you just have to love being a blogger, this day was one of them. I was invited, along with a select group of other female health and beauty bloggers, to learn all about a much neglected part of us … our feet.

Now I know as business woman tottering around in heels and as an avid fitness fanatic that my poor feet go through the mill more than most but I never stopped to give them the TLC they deserved. I feel after what I learnt on this day I will do. Continue reading

Being ‘The Best You’ Video Interview


I recently interviewed for personal development magazine The Best You, who aim to inspire and motivate people. During the interview I told my story, talked about The Apprentice, The Link App, my journey in law, I gave business and life advice and generally shared my attitude towards the world. I like to think of these as my pearls of wisdom. The videos appear below, enjoy!

What has helped you most in life? Continue reading

‘The Apprentice’ Auditions Are Underway – My View


With the auditions for series 11 of the BBC’s The Apprentice upon us, I have been approached by loads of auditionees asking for the inside scoop on the track to success. Rather than answer all their requests via social media, I will be more efficient by blogging about it instead. People will have noticed that I do not like to talk about the show much; this is mostly because I do not want to burst the bubble for the millions of people who glean enjoyment from watching it and, secondly, because I am wary of being defined by one small section of my life. Continue reading

Video Interview: Getting into Law

Like any self-respecting blogger, I am a fan of the written word but I am also aware that youngsters are more concerned with visual content and, specifically, vlogs (video blogs). So much so that last week, I read an article that said successful vlogging duo Zoella and Alfie had bought a one-million-pound house from their vlogging proceeds.

Now, I’m quite content in my current career and am not planning on branching out further just yet but when I was asked to talk about my journey as a lawyer, and getting into law, I was happy to share my story in the hope of helping others. I agreed to be interviewed by about transferable skills, tips for getting a training contract, transitioning from lawyer to businesswoman, and my experience as a consultant solicitor.

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