The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 5- My view

So the weeks of trying to learn everyone’s names while it looks like there are dozens of them running about are behind us, 14 candidates remaining at start of this week. I was thinking we might get a double firing. Not this week so the next two episodes I would say.

The ominous phone call comes, candidates to be at St James Square with 30 mins to get ready. That annoyed me as when I was on it, we only got 20 mins, one likes to looks ones best when there are up to 10 million people watching you. Elle questioning whether it was worth getting out of bed for, a funny moment but not the motivated start you would look for in your next business partner perhaps.

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The Apprentice Series 11 Ep 4 – My view!

So we are well and truly underway with series 11 now.

Something has VERY much impressed me about these candidates, particularly this episode, I will reveal exactly what at the end of this post.

This episode was one of those that looks fun to be a part of. Choosing pet products and selling them on during a pet exhibition. To be fair I think both teams did quite well and both project managers excelled at keeping the moral of their teams up, which is important in a sales task. Continue reading

The Apprentice Series 11 Episode 3: My view

Ok so this episode was a combination of two of my favourite parts of The Apprentice. The abroad part and the scavenger hunt. Essentially the task is the most simple. Find everything on the list for the cheapest price. The team that doesn’t gets penalised. The penalty is £50 plus the retail price of the items. The most obvious thing to me would therefore be to secure the most expensive items first, with the i Continue reading