The Apprentice Series 11 Ep 2- My view

Ok so this isn’t the ideal blog, as I am not 100% informed. I’m working some crazy hours in the business at the moment and I couldn’t get away. However that might put me in the majority as when I saw the episode half way through, it didn’t seem anyone else was faring much better.

So part way through the episode it was unfortunately butt covering time, everyone was already blaming everyone else and no one had yet lost. Without a doubt the worse thing about being on The Apprentice, the finger pointing.

So back to the format of boys v girls AGAIN.

The girls lost, the advert wasn’t great but I couldn’t have picked the boys advert out either. Maybe I missed something, but Lord Sugars comments about how wonderful their campaign was, seemed misplaced.

So the girls bottle wasn’t appealing and I cannot claim to have a clue whose fault it was. Typical PM firing, I didn’t see much of her or anyone of them!

16 candidates remain… I’m distinctly underwhelmed thus far. Sorry for anyone who is loving it but I’m not hooked as yet!

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