The Healthy Answer To Lunch In A Rush

I know for me and millions of other people our ‘lunch hour’ is never an hour. Its one of the major reasons people complain to me about weight gain. “I was too busy to eat healthy”, “I don’t have time to prepare my meals”, “I ate junk food as it was the quickest choice”. These are absolutely arguments I sympathise with and ones I admit to using myself from time to time.

After returning from bootcamp I was quite determined to make some positive changes and cutting out the bad eating habits was a major one. I think I have the answer and it comes in the form of SkinnyLicious Soups. The pots provide balanced meals that are Gluten Free and under 120 calories and 5.1 grams of fat per half a pot 300grams.


The theme of the products is food inspired by travel so the pots are named things like Goa Express. From a business perspective I think the marketing of this product is genius. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and travel is genuinely one of my biggest passions. I’d love to blog about more of this to share with you guys but balancing it all in addition to running the business is difficult.

One of my favourites from the range is Thai Tuk-Tuks Turmeric described as a ‘fragrant carrot soup fused with coconut, lime leaves, lemongrass, noisy market and crazy tuk-tuks’. Sounds yummy and puts me in mind of the three times I have travelled to this South East Asian hotspot! Thailand is among my favourite places to travel and the pic below was taken in 2014 on my last trip there. The markets of Bangkok or Chiang Mai are seriously an experienced not to be missed and dot get me started on the beaches…



Potentially the beauty of tying these health meals to travel is distracts you from the fact they are healthy at all. I was never the biggest fan of soup previously but the combo of ingredients is really something quite different from what I have tried before.

The whole point of sharing this find was the simplicity, if you work in an office with access to a microwave then this has to be the simplest solution to eating healthily. A couple of minutes and its ready no prep no fuss. So there really is no excuse to depart from the healthy eating regime over lunchtime. One pot was lasting me two meals  on its own as they are quite big. However for an evening meal or when I fancied something extra I was adding Gluten Free Oatcakes and/ or celery sticks, these are so much better for you than bread by the way! Before someone thinks I have gone health mad adding celery to a veg based soup, I actually love celery, strange but true.


One night I got really adventurous and added prawns into the mix. These were ways of changing things up as variety in diet and exercise can be the key to keeping on track but not necessary as there are 8 varieties of the soup to go at.


So have you been to; Goa, Bangalore, San Antonio, New England, Thailand, Singapore, Persia or Sicily? If so there a specific soup for you. I wonder if it brings back any memories. Smells are one of the biggest senses for evoking memories for me. All those busy people I encounter, now you’ve read this there is no excuse!!

N.B for those fellow northerner this post refers to dinner haha.

Thank you to Glorious Foods for sponsoring this post to make it possible.

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