When Technology Meets Fitness

So, my business is tech, my passion is fitness: imagine my excitement when I was invited to try, IMHO (that’s text speak for ‘in my humble opinion’, for those of you not yet familiar with the lingo that youth is speaking these days), the most fun fitness equipment going. It’s an anti-gravity treadmill whose technology was developed by AlterG founder Sean Whalen.


Over the summer of 2015 I sustained an ankle injury that prevented me from walking, let alone running. It did not feature in my fitness blog ‘Learn from my mistakes’ on how I lost some fitness earlier in the year because it felt like an excuse, but it certainly impacted hugely upon it. I didn’t seek physio at the time, so I was grateful to subsequently have the professionals looking at it.


You basically have to put stretchy trousers on and be zipped into the equipment. It could pass for a normal treadmill with strange attire for the first part. However, when you start to reduce your percentage bodyweight it is actually a lot of fun. You can start at 100 per cent of your bodyweight and then gradually reduce in 1 per cent or 10 per cent increments when in the machine. It feels how you would wish that walking or running felt, if that makes sense: like walking in the air. It is an odd but enjoyable experience for me as a fitness nut and a blogger, but, for some people, it’s a really significant tool to aid recovery from injuries. Dan at Balance Physio in Clapham tells me: “The AlterG treadmill is a fantastic, innovative piece of equipment that allows our clients to walk, run and jump much earlier in their rehabilitation after injury or surgery, accelerating recovery and increasing confidence. It’s very effective during weight loss: increasing exercise duration whilst reducing the stress put through your joints. The AlterG is also popular with our running clients: a great training tool whether they are running in their sport, for fitness, or as part of marathon training – even small reductions in body weight allow runners to work on distance and interval training without causing overload-training injuries.”



I also had a go at some exercises designed to strengthen my ankle post-injury.

I was reliably informed that I am the first and only person that they have had who managed to cross the tightrope without falling off. It looks like I may have hidden talents after all; if it doesn’t work out with The Link App, I may have a plan B in the circus. On a serious note, this is a very good sign for my ankle. I have a huge fitness challenge coming up, which I will share with you in a blog shortly.


You can also learn a lot about your running style or technique using such technology, and information like this is always useful. Thanks to Balance Performance Physiotherapy in Clapham for letting me try this. It’s one of those fun things ticked off the to-do list! The AlterG is available charged at between £8 and £17 per 30-minute session, depending on the size of the package purchased.


THE big fitness announcement coming soon. If you know anyone who might benefit from reading this please feel to send them the link and of course, please share this post using the links below!

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