Happy Birthday to The Link App- 2 today!

Today marks the second birthday of my business The Link App and I wanted to celebrate this day with you all!


For the past two years, The Link App transformed from an app idea inside my head to a tool for law firms, thanks to those law firms who have adopted the app within their daily use. Helping law firms communicate with clients has been achieved but equally as importantly we have helped to improve customer service for firms clients who might previously had complains around the timing of updates or worse a negative experience of the legal profession.  Or the law firms may have been brilliant at the client service side of things and we’ve helped them be even better! Either way its win-win.

The Link App has gone further than I could have hoped so far; having been mentioned in the Evening Standard, The Times and The Guardian (to name a few)! Never when you set out on your startup journey do you imagine things will pan out quite as well as you dared to dream. Don’t get me wrong, it is a tough journey at times too and we are still an relatively early stage business but it just shows what can be achieved with persistence and hard work.


Yet, without the help of my team none of this would be possible. I’d like to thank my team members for being supportive and engaging, in addition to the firms that have taken The Link App and made it an everyday part of their practice. I also want to thank our incredible investors for their existing commitments and their support for our current raise. I may be a solo founder but I am in no doubt that I have exceptional mentors and advisors that are invaluable to the growth of myself and my business. Thank you all!

It makes me proud to know those two years on, a dream of mine is on its pathway to becoming a revolution. We are also a dominant name in the legal tech movement, which as a Founder from before this was really a movement- is very pleasing to see.

My blog isn’t solely business related but to all my readers who support by regularly reading, liking and sharing, you have all done your bit to keep me going along the way. Social media is a huge support for a startup entrepreneur too.

Many thanks to everyone involved on this journey, and I look forward to celebrating many more years of  positivity on The Link App’s journey. It would be a great birthday gift to me and the team if you would please leave a review on our following pages: G+FacebookApp StorePlay store


keep believing, you can get there! #motivation

Here’s to another exciting year ahead…

Humbly yours, Lauren.

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