Female Founders Showcase

Unless you’ve been avoiding all social media, you would have found it difficult to escape the fact that I spent an awesome March 2018 in Silicon Valley.I talked about it a LOT. Women in business is something I am often championing. So when I was presented with the opportunity to work alongside 10 female tech founders in the heart of America’s tech community, I jumped at it. The accelerator experience was brilliant. I recently published a video all about it (and sharing top tips) on my YouTube channel; https://youtu.be/20ey5lZbi5g

As part of this experience, I pledged to help accelerate the journey of these women. They truly made my time there a great experience. They are talented entrepreneurs and deserve success in all they do. Here are their businesses. This is a chance for us to get behind them and help in anyway we can, including sharing this post to those you think can help too! 


Door Space, (https://doorspaceinc.com) is building a cloud-based talent management platform that fully integrates each step in the talent lifecycle for clinicians to achieve our mission to help healthcare systems work better, together. Our solution:

  • connects compliance and continuing education to patient outcomes and value based care objectives,
  • enables advanced analytics across a healthcare system, transforming their culture of compliance into a culture of continuous learning and improvement, and
  • automates manual paper and data processing.

The average hospital spends more than $30M a year just to process clinical talent’s paperwork, an $85B a year problem across the US healthcare system. Our solution dramatically reduces this waste while simultaneously delivering new capabilities to strategically develop and retain top clinical talent.

ASKS; to talk with healthcare leaders who understand the problem and want to work with us to bring our solution to their healthcare workforce. 


Curafied is disrupting the way digital content is curated and monetized. Our platform allows anyone to create their own subscription-based content feed on the internet.

ASKS: A small group of beta testers with interesting content and highly engaged followers to work with on monetizing their content directly (bonus incentives will paid out in addition to subscription profits for the beta test period). If you’re interested, please email us at [email protected] to learn more.


ZEST is a 500 startups backed B2B SaaS platform that doubles their clients’ revenue by maximizing the productivity of their resources. Our current focus is human resources in healthcare, to meet the demands of a fast-growing aging population.

ASKS; early adopters in home healthcare and home care agencies. Email [email protected] 


Soundwise helps podcasters build audience and make money. We’re the world’s first audio publishing platform that gives podcasters detailed insight about their subscribers and the ability to interact with subscribers in multiple ways. On top of that, we offer the easiest way for creators to sell on-demand audios.

ASKS: Are you starting a podcast? Publish it on Soundwise and get unlimited podcast hosting for free. Do you know a podcaster? Tell them about us! https://mysoundwise.com


Unfortunately, there are still many additional hurdles women in business face. Please support these talented founders. Thanks in advance, Lauren.

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