Best known for her appearance on The Apprentice, solicitor Lauren Riley embodies the spirit of today’s modern professional woman, proving leadership and glamour can come hand in hand.

After graduating with an Honours Degree in Law from Lancaster University in 2006, Lauren concluded her Post-Graduate Diploma in Law with Distinction.

Specialising in family law, taking on cases such as separation, divorce or property ownership, Lauren was driven to ensure she could make a difference for those in need of support, always managing to keep a level head in what can be an emotionally charged time for families.

Concerned with the amount of time and effort solicitors put into simply keeping all client parties up to speed with case progression, Lauren took charge and created The Link App. Designed with a user-friendly interface, a lawyer can upload the latest developments on a case to the app and their clients can easily access all the information. With this technology, Lauren aims to redefine and improve the relationship between law firms and their clients.

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